The Cleanlabel “Kiosk” Disinfection System is an excellent solution for common indoor areas such as shopping malls, hotels, factories, hospitals, gyms, and municipalities to provide the highest level of hygiene at the checkpoints and entrance halls.

Thanks to its easy- to-use system, you may guarantee your guests or customers optimal personal hygiene by providing the CleanLabel hygienic kiosk at any required area. Looking at disinfectant pumps at the front door doesn’t look professional. Our product does. No more pumps and toilet rolls on the counter but a professional disinfection kiosk at arm height.

When you stretch your hands into the machine, a pulverized disinfectant spray is ejected onto your hands. And provides complete disinfection of your hands.

The Cleanlabel Kiosk can be branded according to your choice. You may either apply standard branding or your own specific branding. All the Kiosks can be wrapped so they fit the style of the area they are in.