Disinfection Liquid

Disinfection Liquid


Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) or Neutral Electrolyzed water or Electrolyzed Oxidized water or Electrochemical water; which is also named as the Super Oxidized Water; which is one of the most important working principles of the nature, known in the literature as the most effective method for all mammals and the human body to protect and heal themselves, generated by white blood cells for defense purposes and by natural means, contained in the category of weak acids (such as lemon, orange) that pose no harm to humans and the enviroment, able to perform multidirectional and multieffective disinfection; has been produced acording to long term consumer usage for hygiene and disinfection purposes thanks to the newst technology of the world.

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It is an enviromentally friendly water-based disinfectant that destroys the bacteria, viruses and fungus in seconds in contact enviroments. It does  not contain alcohol, aldehyde, phenol and ammonium.

It always provides superiority when compared to similar products. It is not harmful for human health, it is eco-friendly.

It provides quick and effective disinfection.

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