ROBOCARE fully-autonomous

Clean Label presents new fully-autonomous UV disinfection robot developed by our R&D team and aims at preventing the spread of all kinds of infections by sanitizing every objects in the environment.

By using of UV-C LED Lights, it provides musch more effective and faster disinfection instead of using UV fluorescent lamps.

As another advantage, longer life span comes with UV-C LED Lights.

Smart technology of Robocare brings safety, reliability and eliminates human error. It also provides significant labor savings, reduces operational costs and offers increased efficiencies.

Robocare can be used in many indoor public places like hospitals, schools, airports, hotels, factories, shopping malls, governmental institutions and organizations.


  • Kills %99.9 of all virus, germs and bacteria
  • Navigates autonomously
  • Easy mapping and assigning task
  • Air sterilization with LED coverage
  • Detects static and dynamic objects
  • Collision prevention
  • Changes the route if any dynamic obstacle detected
  • Continuosly task commitment and easy to change the task
  • Daily routine tasks recording
  • Audio safety warnings and signals
  • 57.6W UV-C LED lights (6 times longer than UV=C fluorescent lamps)
  • 8 hours battery life in active use
  • Sterilize 200m2 with fully charged
  • Easy to clean, dust-free UV-C LED lights
  • Can be operated by tablet
  • No construction required
  • Can be used in all public places
  • Adaptable to food delivery to patient rooms